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Agrrrrh…Bad Luck – Part II


So my drive was received, now all that is left is to contact the shop, who will then take the drive to the distributor . who will then proceed to check the drive and then send a replacement, which’ll go back to the shop and then my relative and then back to me. oh well, I’ve waited this far, 1-2 weeks shouldn’t hurt too much 😦


Agrrrrh…Bad Luck :\


A Day has passed since Crysis’s Official Indian release (Dec 3rd. though there are those lucky assholes that got it earlier and decided to flash the god damn thing all over) and what do you know, the day before Crysis got released, my optical drive (Lite-On 20A1S 20x DVD-RW) Decides to give up and stop reading everything I throw at it…hmmm, maybe a cable is loose? nope. what about flashing the firmware to a newer one? nope. let’s try changing SATA ports and see if that works….again, nope. after totally giving up, I decided to try it on my second PC and still the drive refused to read any of my Burned DVDs or anything else for that matter. the other optical drive read them all perfectly fine, call it back luck but I lost my motherboard’s IDE cable and the current one I have doesn’t fit my motherboard (ASUS P5K Deluxe) so here I am, the game I bought a new pc for has been released and I can’t play it :\ now I have to courier the damn thing back and hope that RMA doesn’t take an eternity. meanwhile, my plans of buying Gears of War, Call of Duty 4 and Crysis will enjoy the view via the backseat. sigh!

atleast I have Team Fortress 2 to keep me distracted…..

Crysis reviews out!;title;1

ooh 😀 can’t wait 😀

24 in 1994: the “lost pilot”

Brilliant 😀

The Unit finally goes down the drain

another fantastic show going downhill because writers decided to kill off a great character simple for shock value. don’t you just love when that happens? typical Shawn Ryan bullshit, The Unit reminds of Shield in so many ways, you’re suppose to learn from your mistakes shawn. not fucking repeat them! =/ god damn it

24 Season 7 trailer premiere

Exclusive S7 trailer of 24 is now online! download it from here (19MB)

If you had any doubt of 24 being awesome or amazing. this trailer surely puts all those to rest. after the horrible S6, looks like 24’s on the right track again. can’t wait 😀

Oh Yahoo!, How retarded are you?

for nearly two hours now, I’ve been trying to download the demo of Call of Duty 4, you see, Infinity Ward went  in retard mode and instead of making it exclusive to FilePlanet (which by the way, while they suck, they can atleast HANDLE the fucking traffic load) they gave it to Yahoo!, Yahoo! never handles exclusive demos and this situation just solidifies that they should NEVER, EVER be allowed near a game file again. first off, the demo is 1.4GB, which isn’t small, to make matters worst, Yahoo doesn’t support resuming, furthermore, each time you reach 10-15MB or something similar, the connection breaks and you’re left with nothing. since it’s exclusive, you won’t see a mirror soon and since the connection keeps breaking, no one is able to actually finish the download and mirror the file. so an standing ovation to Yahoo! for ruining a great demo launch for a highly anticipated title. bravo Yahoo!, you’ve finally proven that you’re gayer than that YouTube Emo fag (no, that shithead’s name won’t get mentioned in my blog. ever.) retards.