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Bad Boys II HDTV 720p X264

Bad Boys II [2003] HDTV 720p X264

Release Name: Bad.Boys.II.2003.720p.HDTV.x264-C100.mkv
Runtime: 2:26:36 (2hours 26mins)
Language: ENGLISH
Subtitles: NONE
Size: 4.37GB
Sample Size: 100MB
Video Codec:
Video: 1280×720 (720p) @3885Kbits
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1ch @384Kbits
FrameRate: 23.976fps
Source: Bad Boys II 1080i (1920×1080)

DOWNLOAD: Bad Boys II HDTV 720p x264 Torrent (4.37GB)

Bad Boys II@IMDB 6.1/10

Bad Boys II@Wikipedia

one of my all time favorites, looks fantastic in 720p, as far as i know, there isn’t any official BluRay or HD DVD Release available, so if you want to watch it in High Def, this is your only way. 4.37GB isn’t a small size, check the screens below, the damn thing looks amazing 😀

Screens (Taken from the video, 1280×720 Resolution) Click to see the bigger version








BB Extreme Closeup

All The Credit goes to the original Uploader



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Note: The movies posted in the site are mostly CAM TS/TCs so don’t expect superior quality.

Enjoy! 🙂

Update: Good Things Never Last…. The Site has been taken down and now redirects to

Update 2: Site back online with new movies too! thanks Elissa 🙂

Please stop making Sequels!

Release Date: 29th June 2007

Live Free or Die Hard IMDb Page
Live Free or Die Hard@Wikipedia

it’s been less than One day since i saw the Trailer of Live Free Or Die Hard (Die Hard 4.0)
and never have i felt so many emotions in such short time. on one hand, i am Damn Excitied, Die Hard is Die Hard! on the other hand, i am highly skeptic, scared and angry. the cause of my skeptism is a valid one in my point-of-view. I’ve always been a fan of Die Hard Movies. they were what they were, Smack Talkin’, Badass Thrill rides. Die Hard Movies pretty much painted what you see on Screen nowadays (infact, i’d go as far to say that 24’s Jack Bauer character is John McClane v2) i am just unable to support the idea of watching Die Hard 4 with an Old Bald Bruce Willis who’s trying to stop Hackers and save his Daughter. it’s just not Die Hard Anymore, from what i’ve seen from the trailer, while it does boast some crazy amazing stunts and CGI, the classic Die hard-ish feel has turned into a stereotypical action flick with the actor having an semi-annoying sidekick with a generic plot where the character’s loved one gets kidnapped and he gets out to rescue her/him and save the world. Bottomline (and the fact that i am getting tired of bitching about DH4) is that making DH4 was a bad idea in the first place, but since they have commited the sin, i can only hope they didn’t fuck it too bad… don’t even let me get started on Indiana Jones 4…. oh the humanity! 😛