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What is so special about Call of Duty 4?


Really, what is? tell me? I got the game, I played it and you know how I feel?

Disappointed and Underwhelmed.

I’ve been a long time Call of Duty fan ( I loved CoD1 & 2 on PC) but CoD4 is just a giant step backwards considering it was released in 2007 alongside behemoths like BioShock and Crysis (which by the way, contribute a fuckload more to the FPS genre then CoD4 ever could) . considering how flawed and dated Call of Duty 4 feels, it surprises me that pretty much everyone is praising it? why? is Call of Duty 4 causing mass retardation? or has everyone lost the balls to deliver an individual unbiased opinion? are you too “unKool” so form an opinion that doesn’t match your friend’s? If you are, then may I recommend sticking a icepick in your eye? or even better, how about swallowing a live grenade?
As if that wasn’t bad enough, CoD4 won numerous GoTY awards while more deserving titles like Crysis, BioShock watched via the sidelines.

So here are my complaints regarding Call of Duty 4; I’ve decided to split them into two parts (SP and MP) though I know it doesn’t really matter and the dipshit brainwashed fanboys drooling over PSN/XBM/GameInformer will still rate the game 11/10….but hey, what the hell, this is my blog and my ego-trip, afterall!

Single Player –

Story: Let’s see, where do I start? let’s tackle the “OMG Cinematic Feel!!!!” first. so Call of Duty 4 has a cinematic feel to it, yeah, and that’s it. the story is your typical arab-terrorist-with-nuke (yawn) seriously, I am positively sure a Giant cookie going around and tazering someone is more interesting then this stereotypical crap. is Infinity Ward THIS shallow? Atleast in CoD1/2, you were fighting things that actually happened, so no one could really blame IW for the way the game progressed; but since CoD4 is based in modern times (hence, “Modern Warfare) you need a strong (or atleast fresh) story to compliment this style of presentation. not to mention, half of the time, the game feels like a movie that you really watch from the sidelines and not something that you’re actually taking part in.

Graphics: did anyone say dated? I love the low resolution textures and I digg re-using animations (from CoD2) but hey, I don’t like nit-picking and I am okay with average graphics as long as the gameplay is holds up. which it doesn’t (more bitching on that later) as for performance, get real, the game is using a 2year+ old engine, with cards like X1950/8800 series, you’re an idiot if you think you’ll get poor performance and the same logic applies to PS3/X360 since both consoles have achieved a significant amount of optimisation and clearly have no troubles running older engines smoothly, all the time. oh and those of you thinking Call of Duty 4 looks better than Crysis:

Call of Duty 4:


also, I need more BLOOD and GORE damn it!

Sound – Undoubtly the lamest part of the game. believe it or not, IW had the audacity to actually repeat sound effects from Call of Duty 2! Remember when you die in Call of Duty 2 and the familiar high-pitched bullet whizzing sound you got? well, when you die in Call of Duty 4, you hear the exact the same thing! not to mention all the weapons in the game sound like some 8 year old is beating a coke can with a lump of wood. the dry but very strong “Thud” of AK-47 is nowhere to be heard and the G36K sounds like M4-Carbine. the only good part about the sound in CoD4 is the voice acting which is of pretty high quality. that being said, pretty much every other sound effect has been sheepishly copied from CoD2.

Gameplay: ah, the most important part. I remember when CoD4 was announced (Hell, I even blogged it) Like many others, I thought moving to Modern times was a good move as they’ve pretty much utilized WWII as much as they can (which was proven wrong by the awesome MoH: Airborne) and the thought of fighting with my team mates in a modern dusty settings while taking an open-ended approach was orgasmic to say the least. Unfortunately, that’s not what CoD4 turned out to be. with WWII, a Linear design was required because the game relied on historic accuracy. but with Modern times, you could easily go on a more open-ended and non-linear design and really make the game more fun. but that just did not happen. you’re still fighting hordes and hordes of enemies (with little or no A.I.) that blindly fire on you, you’re still going to one corridor to another, you still have dipshit team mates that are operation meatshield at best. you’re still a godlike soldier that can take everything from grenade shrapnels to AK-47 rounds and recover in just few seconds. do you see the pattern? most importantly, do you see my main crib? now believe me, the last thing I want is for CoD to become something like Project Reality; but how about making it just a bit more realistic and non-linear? is that too much to ask? Crysis has proven that you can make the game plausible and fun while still adapting a sandbox approach. then why can’t IW do it? how can the character carry 400bullets and still run like a bunny-on-steroids when you press sprint? why is it that usually I can just pick up a Sniper rifle and get headshot after headshot, but during the Chernobyl mission, I have to take in weather/wind measurements in account? why is it that you give me Claymore/C4 but I only get to them when the game demands it? most importantly, why the FUCK do the enemies keep spawning until you reach a specified checkpoint? Infinite Enemy Spawning? are you trying to rhyme that with your company name? Call of Duty 4 is flawed, overly linear and a lazy attempt at modern warfare (no pun intended) the SP campaign has some great moments but it’s over in an eye flash and if you’re sane, you probably won’t bother replaying it on harder difficulty, it’s not rewarding nor interesting enough to put that much effort into it.

Multiplayer – Seriously Unbalanced is the word that sums CoD4 MP nicely. CoD4 MP uses a global ranking system (similar to BF2), first off, I am NOT a fan of the global rank e-penis shit that game developers feel obliged to shove down the throats of gamers just so they can please 20 loners who have nothing better to do in their time other than to collect more point/unlock stuff in virtual worlds. but that’s another issue entirely. coming back to the game itself, CoD4 MP’s quite feature rich at one glance with lots of gameplay modes and plenty of things to unlock. sadly, by the time you fire up and join a server, you’ll realise the true flaw that lies within: the ranking system itself. CoD4 has been out for 3 months now and given the insane popularity, there are tons of players that unlock/buy everything there is to unlock and/or buy and sadly, that means any newbie that dares playing this will get his ass handed to him most of the time. I don’t know about you, but as soon as I spawn, I don’t take kindly to getting knifed by a jerk camping in shadows (CoD4 doesn’t randomize spawning in most cases) yeah, there are cool features like the ability to call in UAV scans (3 kills without dying) and similar but really, the overall gameplay mechanics always tend to favor the overly experienced and ranked-up players and that just kills the accessibility that is essential in a good MP game. on a side note, this reminds me of Team Fortress 2 and how easy, fun, casual and accessible it is when compared to recent MP entries. if you want the best MP game, go play Team Fortress 2!

But Call of Duty 4 Sold more!

Well, ofcourse it did! how can console tards miss buying an overly hyped game like CoD4?

Final Words: CoD4 is a failure of epic proportions and Infinity Ward needs to stop making games and start working in Pig farms. Just kidding! CoD4 makes me sad and it’s for all the wrong reasons. IW has gone the id Software way, IW are too lazy to actually invent or put effort into something new and exciting. COD4 is the same dumb and linear shooter that IW Dished out in 2005. except that time, the market WAS about dumb linear shooters (and ofcourse, CoD2 was a great game) but so many things have changed, what can I say, after playing Crysis, I was expecting something equally brilliant and exciting. guess I was wrong. as for the game of the year awards, seriously, IW/Activision has bribed pretty much everyone there is to bribe. otherwise, I fail to see how this mediocre title would get away with so much praise and positive reviews all around. sorry folks, contrary to popular retard belief, CoD4 is not the second-coming of christ.



Real Life Nanosuit

remember the Crysis Nanosuit? It exists…in REAL LIFE!

High Resolution (2100x2800px) Version (411KB)Β 

Assassin’s Creed sells 2.5 million in under four weeks

Ubisoft has today announced that its new IP Assassin’s Creed has recorded worldwide sales of more than two and a half million units and is the fastest-selling new video game intellectual property in the US ever.

Because of the game’s better than expected performance, Ubisoft has now upped its sales forecast for the game. The publisher had forecast sales of three million units by the end of its fiscal year (March 31, 2008), but now estimates sales of at least five million units.

“With the exceptional performance of Assassin’s Creed, the fastest-selling new video game intellectual property in the US ever, Ubisoft’s teams have once again demonstrated their expertise in creating and promoting major brands. These regular-sequel franchises are a source of very high profitability both in the short and long term. Drawing on its strong internal development capacities, Ubisoft is currently in an ideal position to continue to develop numerous new creations – an essential condition for winning market share and ensuring strong growth going forward,” said Yves Guillemot, Chief Executive Officer of Ubisoft.


Lesson learned. now all other developers will pimp their games with Hot chicks. Seems like sending Jade Raymond to every press event/interview possible finally paid off!

Crysis reviews out!;title;1

ooh πŸ˜€ can’t wait πŸ˜€

Crysis BETA is awesome! (performance and pics inside)

I’m officially hooked to Crysis beta. as soon as it was released to public (limited time) I was quick to grab it and I can hardly stop playing since the MP is so damn awesome πŸ™‚ The BETA is NDA-Bound…’s too bad I don’t give a fuck about NDAs. Anyway, for people wondering what the performance is like, I did some limited testing, here it is:

System –

Q6600 2.4GHz
4GB DDR2 667MHz
XFX 8800GTX @600MHz/1.9GHz
Vista Ultimate x64 (Forceware 163.69)
19″ WS LCD


Crysis @1440×900 – 0x AF 0x AA – Medium Quality

Min: 52fps

Max: 57fps

Avg: 54.535fps

Crysis@1440×900 – 16x AF 0x AA – Maximum Quality

Min: 27fps

Max: 39fps

Avg: 33fps

I’ll do some Low quality benchies when I play the game next time. The performance at high is awful since the frame rate drops to teens (16-20fps) when there’s lot of action going on. but this is a beta and the performance will improve considerably in Demo and/or Retail. also, the Beta is NOT DX10. you CANT RUN IT IN DX10. regardless of what other retards say, you can’t run it in DX10. Crytek didn’t bundle a DX10 renderer in the beta. the demo will be DX10 AFAIK. also, Crysis is the best looking game developed till now. on any platform.

Screenshots –

Finally the part everyone’s waiting for. I took a ton of Crysis Screenshots, You can check them out in my ImageShack Folder

All the latest pics are of Crysis. all screenies are high quality (no jpg artefacts) at 1440×900 resolution.

Enjoy! πŸ˜€

Can’t wait for Crysis πŸ˜€

F.E.A.R. – Project Origin Exclusive Trailer

Exclusive Project Origin (aka FEAR 2 ) Trailer has been just posted at GameTrailers.

check it out! looks awesome!

that M-16-esque rifle looks badass πŸ˜€

Crysis in Ten

On September 25th, we’ll finally get Crysis Demo. so many videos, so many screenshots, so many interviews…. all will be finally put to the ultimate test. I expect the performance to be much better than what people are getting In the MP beta (~30 fps on 8800GTX@720p) nvidia will probably release some updated demo drivers too. god damn, this wait is painful. Crysis, just give me 35fps+ fps all the time@1440×900 with Max settings and I’ll be happy πŸ˜‰