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AMD’s Barcelona Delayed!

From DigiTimes:

AMD’s original plans to introduce Quad-Core Opteron (Barcelona) CPUs are unlikely to be on schedule with a concrete launch-time still unknown, according to sources at Taiwan server makers.

The sources noted that AMD has informed them that the introduction of Barcelona will be delayed until August or September, instead of the originally planned June. However, the sources also noted that this schedule is still subject to change. The Barcelona CPU samples they have currently are not the final versions and bugs are still being discovered, they added.

AMD’s only comment on the launch schedule was to say that it will be in line with its previous officially announced schedule, while in a recently published interview with Digitimes, Patrick Patla, director, server/workstation division of AMD, stated that the Barcelona launch will come during the middle of this year.

Still, some Taiwan-based server vendors commented that their confidence over AMD will be affected by any delay. Roadmaps for new product launches were mapped out by the vendors in 2006, and the delay of Barcelona will interrupt these schedule. Comments gathered from vendors show that the majority believe a critical impact will be seen amid Barcelona’s delay.

Besides that the postponement may discourage confidence among server makers, AMD also has to face the potential threat from rival Intel whose 45nm-made Harpertown and Wolfdale-DP CPUs are still on schedule to be both launched as planned, according to sources.

AMD is slowly dying. with low funds comes product delays. AMD suffered terrible financial losses, after Intel C2D entered, no one even bothers to ask for AMD CPUs. right now, only a miracle would save them.