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The Internet Party: What Happens When Google’s Parents Leave Town

one of the most awesome and brilliant videos i’ve seen in a long time:


Google Announces It’s Own Wikipedia-Esque Service

Google’s Knol services is, at its core, a free tool that allows anyone to write content on anything and choose to place Google Adsense ads on their Knol pages. Google says that it will split the ad revenue the page generates with the page author.The rub for many with the thought of the Knol service is that it appears to be a conflict of interest for Google. When the company sends massive amounts of traffic to sites like Wikipedia for a given topic that has Knol pages as well, some don’t trust Google to rank pages fairly.Google’s Knol model will also have a strong community to it with people able to leave comments about a Knol page. Google doesn’t plan to verify information on Knol pages for accuracy and says in the Google blog that it expects that not all Knol pages will be of high quality.

To many the thought of being paid for contributing to a community based wiki-like network will be compelling and easily sway them from the non-paying Wikipedia model good or bad. Others will argue, there is nothing wrong with being paid for your work.


Interesting, considering one would get paid for writing articles, the attention to detail and accuracy will probably be higher than those of Wikipedia. plus the layout and design look far more intuitive and compelling when compared to Wikipedia. can’t wait for this service to go public 🙂

Want to sing Carols? Pay Copyright fees first!

A charity has been hit with a bill … because children sing Christmas carols on the premises.
Staff at historic Dam House in Astley, part of which is now a tearoom, were shocked last year when a Performing Rights Society officer visited and told them they needed a licence for staff to listen to a radio in the kitchen.They were even more surprised when quizzed about what other activities they allowed on the premises and were stunned to be told their annual carol concert would be taken into account when the cost of their licence was calculated.

Last year they were handed a bill of £230 – which they managed to pay
by holding a raffle – but the future of fund-raising shows was put in doubt after the PRS demanded £470 this year.
Trustee Margaret Hatton said: “They told us the only way to avoid paying to sing the carols is if the kids are told to stick to old songs which are out of copyright.

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okay, seriously, wtf?

Crysis BETA is awesome! (performance and pics inside)

I’m officially hooked to Crysis beta. as soon as it was released to public (limited time) I was quick to grab it and I can hardly stop playing since the MP is so damn awesome 🙂 The BETA is NDA-Bound…’s too bad I don’t give a fuck about NDAs. Anyway, for people wondering what the performance is like, I did some limited testing, here it is:

System –

Q6600 2.4GHz
4GB DDR2 667MHz
XFX 8800GTX @600MHz/1.9GHz
Vista Ultimate x64 (Forceware 163.69)
19″ WS LCD


Crysis @1440×900 – 0x AF 0x AA – Medium Quality

Min: 52fps

Max: 57fps

Avg: 54.535fps

Crysis@1440×900 – 16x AF 0x AA – Maximum Quality

Min: 27fps

Max: 39fps

Avg: 33fps

I’ll do some Low quality benchies when I play the game next time. The performance at high is awful since the frame rate drops to teens (16-20fps) when there’s lot of action going on. but this is a beta and the performance will improve considerably in Demo and/or Retail. also, the Beta is NOT DX10. you CANT RUN IT IN DX10. regardless of what other retards say, you can’t run it in DX10. Crytek didn’t bundle a DX10 renderer in the beta. the demo will be DX10 AFAIK. also, Crysis is the best looking game developed till now. on any platform.

Screenshots –

Finally the part everyone’s waiting for. I took a ton of Crysis Screenshots, You can check them out in my ImageShack Folder

All the latest pics are of Crysis. all screenies are high quality (no jpg artefacts) at 1440×900 resolution.

Enjoy! 😀

Can’t wait for Crysis 😀

Demonoid Shut Down by the CRIA?!, one of the most popular BitTorrent trackers has allegedly been taken offline by the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA). Both the tracker and the website have been unresponsive for nearly 24 hours now.


😦 Demonoid is by far the best torrent site on the Internet. I hope everything works out…..

 Edit: seems torrentfreak are fucking with the readers as usual.

YouTube Adding 30-second Ads

Search engine and internet giant Google has announced a new kind of video advertising format for YouTube, to begin next year.

Google acquired the video sharing website last year for $1.65 billion, predicting that video would be the next big thing in internet advertising.

Now Google’s Patrick Walker has revealed that the company is working with content providers to produce 30-second advertisements that will run before content is viewed on YouTube, VNUnet reports.

The revenue produced would then be shared between YouTube and the broadcaster. This will see “real money coming in” from video advertising, he said.

It is unclear how YouTube’s users will react to adverts before the clips, but the announcement signifies the immense popularity of internet advertising and comes soon after Google’s acquisition of online advertising firm DoubleClick for $3.1 billion.

DoubleClick will give Google a massive presence in the display ad market, traditionally dominated by rival Yahoo.

Display ads allow users to click through to corporate websites in order to make online purchases. The more links there are to a certain site, the more prominence it gains on search engines such as Google.

As the BBC points out, “essentially, the web is a collection of pages, all linking to each other One of the most important factors in deciding how relevant particular sites are is to count how many other sites link to it”.


Ugh, It’ll be Interesting to see how this plays out…

Microsoft Settles Iowa Antitrust Case for $180 Million USD

Microsoft has settled its long-running antitrust case in Iowa. The lawsuit, which was initially filed in 2000, claimed that Microsoft was involved in anticompetitive business practices which in turn resulted in higher prices for consumers. Read Full News@DailyTech

The lawyers will receive $75 million

God damn leeches. leave Microsoft alone for a fucking change! 😐