Still nothing..

it’s been a while since I blogged about the optical drive thingy, the shop owner sent the drive to the distributor and said that it’ll take MINIMUM of 4-5 days for them to process it. I feel angry and hopeless at same time. the worst thing being I still haven’t played Crysis alongside a bucketload of other titles (CoD4. Gears of War, Kane and Lynch to name a few) to make matters worse, my interest in Team Fortress 2 has worn off. I rarely play it now, so in simplest terms, I am hungry for new games! Coincidently, I’ve found a new show to keep my distracted (and occupied) Alias. I am done with seasons 1 & 2. with Season 3 download being almost complete, Damn fine show and you gotta love the cliff hanger endings! S1,2 DVD Sets will be hitting Indian shores pretty soon, so hopefully I’ll grab them aswell.


1 Response to “Still nothing..”

  1. 1 CoIn March 16, 2009 at 12:42 am


    ALias was good… likes initial seasons … untill they messed it up with KGB – CIA confusions missions …

    mission same:
    either CIA \ KGB agent dies … betrayel … search … hunt.. kill… some love mix… same villian…. hmmm i got fed up..
    dont if i wud have saame thoughts … used to see random episodes on TV days … good ol days..

    wanted to watch prison break

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