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Real Life Nanosuit

remember the Crysis Nanosuit? It exists…in REAL LIFE!

High Resolution (2100x2800px) Version (411KB) 


Still nothing..

it’s been a while since I blogged about the optical drive thingy, the shop owner sent the drive to the distributor and said that it’ll take MINIMUM of 4-5 days for them to process it. I feel angry and hopeless at same time. the worst thing being I still haven’t played Crysis alongside a bucketload of other titles (CoD4. Gears of War, Kane and Lynch to name a few) to make matters worse, my interest in Team Fortress 2 has worn off. I rarely play it now, so in simplest terms, I am hungry for new games! Coincidently, I’ve found a new show to keep my distracted (and occupied) Alias. I am done with seasons 1 & 2. with Season 3 download being almost complete, Damn fine show and you gotta love the cliff hanger endings! S1,2 DVD Sets will be hitting Indian shores pretty soon, so hopefully I’ll grab them aswell.

Google Announces It’s Own Wikipedia-Esque Service

Google’s Knol services is, at its core, a free tool that allows anyone to write content on anything and choose to place Google Adsense ads on their Knol pages. Google says that it will split the ad revenue the page generates with the page author.The rub for many with the thought of the Knol service is that it appears to be a conflict of interest for Google. When the company sends massive amounts of traffic to sites like Wikipedia for a given topic that has Knol pages as well, some don’t trust Google to rank pages fairly.Google’s Knol model will also have a strong community to it with people able to leave comments about a Knol page. Google doesn’t plan to verify information on Knol pages for accuracy and says in the Google blog that it expects that not all Knol pages will be of high quality.

To many the thought of being paid for contributing to a community based wiki-like network will be compelling and easily sway them from the non-paying Wikipedia model good or bad. Others will argue, there is nothing wrong with being paid for your work.


Interesting, considering one would get paid for writing articles, the attention to detail and accuracy will probably be higher than those of Wikipedia. plus the layout and design look far more intuitive and compelling when compared to Wikipedia. can’t wait for this service to go public 🙂

Assassin’s Creed sells 2.5 million in under four weeks

Ubisoft has today announced that its new IP Assassin’s Creed has recorded worldwide sales of more than two and a half million units and is the fastest-selling new video game intellectual property in the US ever.

Because of the game’s better than expected performance, Ubisoft has now upped its sales forecast for the game. The publisher had forecast sales of three million units by the end of its fiscal year (March 31, 2008), but now estimates sales of at least five million units.

“With the exceptional performance of Assassin’s Creed, the fastest-selling new video game intellectual property in the US ever, Ubisoft’s teams have once again demonstrated their expertise in creating and promoting major brands. These regular-sequel franchises are a source of very high profitability both in the short and long term. Drawing on its strong internal development capacities, Ubisoft is currently in an ideal position to continue to develop numerous new creations – an essential condition for winning market share and ensuring strong growth going forward,” said Yves Guillemot, Chief Executive Officer of Ubisoft.


Lesson learned. now all other developers will pimp their games with Hot chicks. Seems like sending Jade Raymond to every press event/interview possible finally paid off!

Want to sing Carols? Pay Copyright fees first!

A charity has been hit with a bill … because children sing Christmas carols on the premises.
Staff at historic Dam House in Astley, part of which is now a tearoom, were shocked last year when a Performing Rights Society officer visited and told them they needed a licence for staff to listen to a radio in the kitchen.They were even more surprised when quizzed about what other activities they allowed on the premises and were stunned to be told their annual carol concert would be taken into account when the cost of their licence was calculated.

Last year they were handed a bill of £230 – which they managed to pay
by holding a raffle – but the future of fund-raising shows was put in doubt after the PRS demanded £470 this year.
Trustee Margaret Hatton said: “They told us the only way to avoid paying to sing the carols is if the kids are told to stick to old songs which are out of copyright.

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okay, seriously, wtf?

Agrrrrh…Bad Luck – Part II


So my drive was received, now all that is left is to contact the shop, who will then take the drive to the distributor . who will then proceed to check the drive and then send a replacement, which’ll go back to the shop and then my relative and then back to me. oh well, I’ve waited this far, 1-2 weeks shouldn’t hurt too much 😦

Agrrrrh…Bad Luck :\


A Day has passed since Crysis’s Official Indian release (Dec 3rd. though there are those lucky assholes that got it earlier and decided to flash the god damn thing all over) and what do you know, the day before Crysis got released, my optical drive (Lite-On 20A1S 20x DVD-RW) Decides to give up and stop reading everything I throw at it…hmmm, maybe a cable is loose? nope. what about flashing the firmware to a newer one? nope. let’s try changing SATA ports and see if that works….again, nope. after totally giving up, I decided to try it on my second PC and still the drive refused to read any of my Burned DVDs or anything else for that matter. the other optical drive read them all perfectly fine, call it back luck but I lost my motherboard’s IDE cable and the current one I have doesn’t fit my motherboard (ASUS P5K Deluxe) so here I am, the game I bought a new pc for has been released and I can’t play it :\ now I have to courier the damn thing back and hope that RMA doesn’t take an eternity. meanwhile, my plans of buying Gears of War, Call of Duty 4 and Crysis will enjoy the view via the backseat. sigh!

atleast I have Team Fortress 2 to keep me distracted…..