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Medal of Honor: Airborne Demo is awesome!

Well, I Gotta say, of all the titles that were being hyped for release in 2007, I had the lowest expectations for MoH:Airborne, I was worried that the game will probably follow EA’s cookie cutter design and would be just another pretty but useless shooter…

I was wrong!

MoH:Airborne has to be the most awesome WWII Fps I’ve played so far (that Includes previous MoH games and CoD Franchise) the game is just amazing. everything just works. the graphics look great (with INCREDIBLE visual effects and animation), the sound effects and voice acting is top notch and everything from weapon recoil to sprinting just feels right. now granted, this has a lot to do with game’s new non-linear structure but in any case, all these new features and additions seemingly work with each other. what amazes me most is the performance; considering how good the effects and textures look, the game plays buttery smooth and there rarely are any slowdowns (the only ones I encountered when I tried to capture the video using FRAPS) the one serious crib however, I have about the game is that by default, there’s no support for AA (Anti Aliasing) if you want to force AA, you need to change it’s filename to bioshock.exe and use v163 drivers (assuming you use GeForce 8800 series of gfx cards). It’s really a major annoyance because some sections of the game look heavily jagged. If by any chance, you haven’t played the demo yet, Please do yourself a favor and do! it’s totally worth the hefty download size (1.27GB)

anyway, the release date for the full version is September 4th, so hopefully, there’s isn’t a long very long wait involved. this is one title I absolutely cannot wait to play! 😀

some screenshots (@1440×900 max settings):


The Retard Strikes Again! Jack Thompson: Back in Black!

Jack Thompson has been oddly quiet lately, but now he’s back with a vengence and has filed a complaint with the FTC about the advertising campaign for BioShock.


Just..Die… Thompson…. Seriously, I hope you get Testicular Cancer

BioShock PC Demo – Available on FilePlanet and Torrents!

BioShock’s PC Demo is available on FilePlanet but the File is Encrypted and will only Unlock on 21st. Ofcourse a nice fellow cracked it and uploaded it to torrents!

BioShock Demo@FilePlanet (PAID)

BioShock Demo@ThePirateBay (Cracked) 

The PC Demo is 1.84GB 

Turn a pencil into an emergency light source

Check it out, Cool stuff indeed 🙂 

Crysis’s OFFICIAL Release Date!

November 16th 😀

In a press release sent out today, EA and Crytek have announced that the year’s most anticipated shooter, Crysis will see a release across North America and Europe on the 16th of November, 2007 and that the game will be a PC exclusive.


Rockstar North’s highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3, X360) has been delayed into 2008, publisher Take-Two revealed in a financial update. The company cited the necessity of additional development time as the cause of the postponement.Previously planned for release on October 16, 2007, Grand Theft Auto IV will now arrive in the second quarter of the company’s 2008 fiscal year, which spans from January to March. Numerous outlets, Shacknews included, reported that the game ran at a sluggish framerate after witnessing a live demonstration. For more on Grand Theft Auto IV, check out our E3 impressions.”Certain elements of development proved to be more time-intensive than expected, especially given the commitment for a simultaneous release on two very different platforms,” explained Take-Two chairman Strauss Zelnick. “We owe it to the game’s millions of fans, to our dedicated development team, and to our shareholders to make sure that Grand Theft Auto IV is a groundbreaking gaming experience that takes maximum advantage of next generation technology.”

“The game is huge and is pushing the hardware platforms to their absolute limits,” commented Rockstar founder Sam Houser, who also noted that Grand Theft Auto IV represents the realization of the developer’s dreams for the series. “The top engineers from Sony and Microsoft are working closely with the team in Edinburgh right now, helping us to fully leverage the power of both platforms.”



Intel is a Racist ZOMG!

it’s JUST….. an ad! first off, why the fuck are 6 people present? the processor being advertised is Dual Core… Two Runners would’ve been sufficient. 6 people don’t add up. secondly, while i don’t blame intel (this was suppose to be harmless) but sadly Intel forgot that we still live in a world with loads of whiney racist bitches who judge people by their skin colors. racism….racist…. two subjects i don’t want to discuss in my blog, not because i am afraid, but because it’s too much shit to write. anyways, racist people will probably enjoy the ad, the politically correct idiots will cook up some shit to drag Intel to the court and the rest of us will move the page over and go on with our lifes.


Something You MUST Read

and oh yeah, in case you didn’t notice, the ad is scanned from a Magazine! which mag? remains to be a mystery

a brilliant comic from VGCats (Whose link i forgot sadly)