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Anti-Piracy Organization Tries to Shut Down Demonoid!

Yesterday we reported that the downtime at demonoid was caused by a harddisk crash, but now it seems that the real reason for the downtime could be a bit more complicated. Demonoid is probably relocating to a new “safe haven” as we speak, this also explains why it takes a few days instead of a few hours to get back online (edit: see update).

Tim Kuik, managing director of BREIN, said in response to the downtime at Demonoid (Dutch link): “They are probably playing hide and seek. We want Leaseweb to take and keep this, and other illegal sites offline.”

This the the fist time that BREIN takes on one of the bigger BitTorrent sites. Last week they won a lawsuit against Leaseweb in a similar case, this could spell trouble for Demonoid.

In this case the Amsterdam court decided that Leaseweb had to take down and hand over the name and address of the owner. Additionally, Leaseweb was forced to take down, in case the site returns in the near future. The same thing could now happen to Demonoid.

Nearly 94% of the .torrent files on Demonoid are used to download copyrighted material according to research by TNO. BREIN will probably use this figure in court to convince the Judge that Demonoid is mainly used to download infringing content.

Source: TorrentFreak is back and working at full speed now.


No Windows Vista SP1 in 2007?

According to a recent filing by the Justice Department, state attorneys and Microsoft exposed the software giant’s plans to release a beta version of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 later this year.

Information from sources cited by Microsoft Watch indicate that Vista SP1 will be released in 2008. This is later than the original timeframe at the start of the year.

I guess that legal problems relating to the Windows Vista search function are to blame and have potentially led to delays in the schedule.

Many high profile businesses, including Intel, have said they would wait for the first Service Pack before deploying Vista across their networks. This will undoubtedly hurt Microsoft’s bottom line and could do for almost a year.

Roger Kay, president of Endpoint Technologies Associates, told Microsoft Watch that “any delay in SP1 will delay commercial rollouts.”

Kay went onto say that if Microsoft doesn’t deliver SP1 until the first quarter of 2008, early rollouts won’t start until the third quarter and mass deployments won’t happen until 2009 – a year later than expected.


Crysis’s Box Art Unveiled!

Yup, More Crysis news! they’ve unveiled the Boxart of Crysis, Read The official annoucement here

Looks damn sweet, it’s nice how they kept it simple. considering that most games nowadays tend to come with cramped box arts.

Download Max Quality Version (1525×2160 Resolution) 2.57MB

now all we need is the game 😀

nVidia TESLA: TeraFlop Computing!

7 Months after ATI Released The Stream Processor for using GPUs for general purposes, nVidia has annouced TESLA, A GPGPU Solution which quite frankly, will change the landscape of PCs. let’s cut the crap and head right to Specs! nVidia plans to launch 3 versions of TESLA:

(TESLA C870)

Tesla C870 “GPU Computing Processor” –

The C870 Comes with 1.5GB GDDR3 Memory running at 800MH, while the processing Unit will run at 1.35GHz (same as 8800GTX’s Stream CPU) and it will chunk out 500GigaFLOPS per second. it won’t come with any sort of display output though.

(TESLA D870)

Tesla D870 “Deskside Supercomputer” –

D870 is the mid range model, but honestly, don’t let the term “Mid range” fool you! this is basically Dual TESLA C870s, the D870 will have 3GB GDDR3 (1.5GB x 2), while it will chunk out 1 Tera FLOPs (500GigaFLOP x 2) and the power consumption will be upto 520Watts At Load.

(TESLA S870)

Tesla S870 “GPU Computing Server” –

The big daddy of all three models, TESLA S870 is designed for Rack Mounting from start, and it will fit a standard 19″ 1U Rack Mount. This is 4 x TESLA C870s. having 6GB GDDR3 Memory (dear god, you read that right) and will be able to churn out 2 TeraFLOPs. the power consumption will idle at 550Watts, While going to 800Watts at maximum.
The list price for the Tesla GPU would start at US$1,499 and the deskside computer at $7,500. Both will be available beginning in August. Qualification samples of the Computing Server, with a list price of $12,000, will be available in September. The product will be fully available in the November-December time frame, Nvidia said. -PCWorld

Amazing stuff indeed! nVidia will be offering CUDA For making sure these TeraFLOP monsters don’t go to waste. for more info about CUDA and TESLA, Read This Article@Beyond3D




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Apple’s Safari Now for Windows!

in a completley unexpected move, Apple has released Safari (OS X’s Browser) for Windows XP/Vista. While Still in Beta, Safari promises loads of features and claims to be “World’s Best Browser” More info, See THIS

Download Apple Safari 3 Public Beta For Windows (8MB)

random bleh!

i gotta say, i am not in a mood to blog much nowadays. some random crap that i am doing nowadays:

Downloading New games because you gotta kill time!

Re-playing Half Life 2. Putting Steam aside, still a great game.

sleeping and more sleeping….

that’s pretty much it, monotonous and repetitive but what can i say?  the relationship between me and my parents have seen better days, since it’s been around 7-9 days since i’ve talked to them. makes it hard when you live in same house! and hell no, I’d rather slit my throat then become a whiny Emo/Scener bitch 😀 until next time…