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this is a sad day, one of the greatest P2P sites of ALL Time, ProjectW has been shut down by it’s owner. ProjectW was unlike any other, it wasn’t a torrent site, heck, it wasn’t a site at all, it was just a forum, a forum where you could get pretty much everything, be it Music, Movies, Games , e-Books or anything else. thanks to the amazing uploaders like BLaZe, Aeckz, Gt4Thomas and many others. the impact of this would be tremendous in Warez Community. i find it absolutely absurd that the Creator shut down ProjectW because it became “hard to manage” not that i can do anything about it anyways. all i can say is god bless all the great fellows who took time and effort in uploading the stuff for people. i hope someday, there’s a ProjectW v2. rest in peace ProjectW 😦

Just to give you an idea, ProjectW’s Alexa Traffic Ranking is 1,432 (as of today) and it had more than 300,000 Members.

Why do people always do such things.

I am Disabling Comments because quite frankly, i am tired of these pricks promoting their ProjectW Knockoffs. Enough is Enough! Your Shitty Noobie site isn’t ProjectW v2. Whoring it out everywhere won’t make it otherwise.




House – S03E24 – Download Links – Season Finale

almost forgot about this one! Season 3 finale of House!

House S03E24 HDTV XviD-NoTV (350MB) –

HTTP: has been SHUTED DOWN! 😦

Torrent: House S03E24 HDTV XviD-NoTV[eztv]

Crysis – DirectX9 vs DirectX10 – Comparison

if you’ve been anxious to see the difference between DirectX 9 and DirectX 10, we don’t really blame you. The tech demos have been great, but they don’t really show us what is “live” gameplay…at least not in a way we can double-check. But now, there are some videos of some real-world differences in Crysis.

Two HD videos were released from the guys over at Crytek, illustrating two different areas of actual gameplay inside the hotly anticipated title. Each of these videos has two versions in it – the DX9 version and the DX10 version, so you can make an easy comparison.

The differences aren’t exactly a reason to buy the game, or Vista for that matter. The DX9 code path is still one of the most attractive games I’ve seen – but DX10 does have quite a few improvements. You can really see the particle effects and volumetric lighting, providing an almost cinematic experience to the DX10 version. In comparison, the DX9 version looks like you’re playing with the gamma cranked and detail way down.

Each video is only about 50MB, so there’s little reason not to grab them. If you’d like to take a look yourself, here are the links:

Alternate bit-tech mirrors for video files:


after watching the first video in DX10, i am stunned, the smoke effects look……words can’t describe how good Crysis looks….. it makes current gen DX9 games look like thing of the past, TES4, GRAW, CoH none of these titles come close to delivering visuals similar to Crysis. here’s a photomerge pic of Video1. see the amazing smoke effects? the picture is pixelated due to video being encoded at 3Mbps.


Braindead Zombies attack Apple Store!

“A horde of decaying zombies invaded San Francisco’s downtown Apple store on Friday evening, hunting for brains, terrifying the customers, and gnawing on iMacs”

Read the Full News@CNET

well it proves it. Only braindead people find apple products useful (that too for munching!) Apple is being brutally honest now. sign of apocalypse? maybe….

Halo 2 – PC Review

GameSpot has posted Halo 2 review on PC. the game’s release date is 31st May 2007.

check it out HERE

Rating: 7/10 “Good”

Review Summary: “Halo 2 for Vista is a solid game that probably won’t appeal to anyone who’s played any recent high-profile PC shooters.” (Taken From GameSpot)

 and in case you were unaware, Halo 2 for PC REQUIRES Windows Vista Operating System, it won’t install/run on WindowsXP. not that you’re missing too much anyways, Halo 2 was a great shooter on Xbox in 2004 but on PC, there are far better titles available. if you haven’t played the original Xbox version, play it instead; there’s no reason to upgrade to Vista to play a 3 year old game.

Apple Blocks MySpace…. no, Really!

A statement from Apple Friday confirmed this. “Nearly 2 million people visit Apple stores every week,” the statement read. “We want to provide everyone a chance to test-drive a Mac, so we are no longer offering access to MySpace in our stores.” According to an Apple representative, the News Corp.-owned MySpace is the only site that has been blocked.

Source: HardOCP

Good work Apple, there’s finally a reason to like you.

CSI – Season 6…. speechless

i just finished watching CSI Season 6 Finale, “Way to Go“. i am absolutely shocked and speechless, ALL THIS TIME, Grissom and Sara acted like they had nothing between them. and NOW, Shit, Now!? they reveal all this time, they’ve been sleeping with each other! i actually just checked Wikipedia to make sure i was right. unbelievable and seriously shocking! to quote Wiki:

“The camera then shows Sara Sidle with him, also in her night-clothes, about to get into bed with him. Thus, their secret relationship is revealed. “

damn, talk about Hitting People with a hammer! what interests me even more is that, Jorja Fox who plays Sara Siddle, has been fired by CBS. so she won’t be in CSI – Season 8, what will they do with her in Season 7? i am dying to know, currently S07E01 is paused as i type this and S07E05 is being downloaded. can’t wait! 😀