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3DMark 2007 – Windows Vista ONLY

Futuremark’s Ultra popular Benchmarking software 3DMark’s next version is going to Windows Vista Only, the benchmark will incorporate some fancy DirectX10 Effects and will require a DX10 graphics card to run. more Here


Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures HD 720p Teaser

I came across an Interesting article on LegitReviews which focused on how [first] DX10 games will look like, it compares the image quality in AoC:HA in DX9 and DX10 Modes, A good read if you’re interested in the game. meanwhile, if you just want to see some eye candy, check out the AoC HD 720p Teaser below, AoC uses DreamWorld Engine to render textures, alongside SpeedTree to render foliage and trees.

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures HD 720p Direct Download (45MB)

Age of Conan Official Site

Age of Conan@Wikipedia

Some Screens, Taken from the Video (1280×720 Resolution) Click to see higher res version.








Sony –

Indeed Folks, Sony’s Tagline says it all, they’re indeed like no other

Insane? Nah! it’s Sony….stupid!

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Activision Today Unveiled it’s Upcoming shooter Call of Duty 4, Unlike previous installments, which used WWII as a setting, CoD4 will use a modern setting; no other details have been revealed by activision. the Wikipedia Page states a Fall 2007 Release date. the game engine is unknown at this time. no platforms were unveiled either, i’d be a bad decision purely from a business prespective to not release the game on PC. but let’s see what happens….. check the links below:

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Official Site 

Call of Duty 4@Wikipedia 

Call of Duty 4 HD 720p Trailer Direct Download (38MB)

Looking Forward to this 🙂

Hitachi’s 1Terabyte HDD

with games crossing the 6GB Mark, High Definition movies/videos becoming popular and your ever increasing Music collection, it was about time 1TB HDD Made it to mainstream

Hitachi Global Storage has launched 1TB SATA HDD, see specs and price below:

Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000

1000GB (actual size would be around 930GB or Less)


32MB Buffer

SATA II 3Gbps Interface

3.5″ Size

700Grams gross weight

Price: $400

nice but the formatted space is likely to piss loads of people off, the larger HDDs get, the more space you will lose when the drives are formatted, in case you still don’t know, HDD maufacturers don’t look sizes as we do; for us, 1MB = 1024KB, for them 1MB = 1000KB

do the math 🙂

Note: many companies launched external 1TB HDDs, a good example would be LaCie 1TB External however, they were mainly 250GB x 4 HDDs Stacked together. and hence weren’t true 1TB, come to think of it, nor is this one 😛 when 1.3TB, 1.5TB HDDs start selling, then you’d finally get a true 1TB (1024GB) HDD.

Scrubs – S06E18 – Download Links

It’s a little late for Scrubs i know but when the thing got released i was busy with work, anyways, here it is.

Scrubs S06E18 PDTV XviD-LOL (175MB) –



Mirror: Mirror

Torrent: Scrubs S06E18 PDTV XviD-LOL[eztv]

All the credit goes to uploaders/releasers



Supernatural S02E19 – Download Links

Another episode of Supernatural is here, download it now

Supernatural S02E19 HDTV XviD-SORNY (350MB) –



Torrent: Supernatural S02E19 HDTV XviD-SORNY [eztv]

Both Sorny Releases have Been Nuked (even the Repack).

Supernatural S02E19 HR HDTV XviD-YesTV (700MB) –  


Torrent:  Not Available Right Now

Don’t Worry, All the Links are working! the Rapidshare “File Not Found” problem has been fixed.

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