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GTA IV HD 720p Trailer

just a quick post, GTA IV trailer now available! download the torrent below

GTA IV HD 720p Trailer (68MB)



Thompson Counter-sues Take-Two

t…th…… thompson…….. fuck. i honestly have no other words to describe Jack thompson without including explicit vulgar language. i mean what the fuck does this guy want? he has been riding Rockstar games/ Take Two for as long as i can remember. what’s even more ludicrous is that each time, this retard comes up with unique reasons to blame the company. this time, he even went as far as to somehow actually connect 9/11 attacks and Rockstar’s upcoming (highly anticipated) titles GTA IV (PS3,X360,PC) and Manhunt 2 (PS2). honestly, this has gone far enough, Thompson(fuck) keeps pushing it, it won’t be long before some enraged gamer would beat him to death (I’ll gladly take his side for why he murdered a old mentally delusional idiot) Not long ago, when take-two got fed up with thompson’s(fuck) constant whining, they Sued him (can you blame them?) anyways, so here we are again, Mr. Jack (fuck) Thompson(fuck) has yet again sued Take-Two, a counter sue i might add. if you care, read the full news at GameSpot, and if you wanna know what really started this Thompson(fuck) shit, head to the Wikipage

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Rising to a New Sun

i haven’t made a blog post for a while now, or should i say, i wasn’t able to make a blog post for a while, my net connection was down for more than a week, it’s fascinating to see just how much i depend on my Pc and Internet to get me going… whether it’s Catching latest episodes of my favorite shows like 24, House, Scrubs etc, listening to Podcasts, browsing the web, Reading Wiki or chatting on IMs. finally, after a week of being Internet-less, my [modem’s] ADSL Link came back and i took little time in adding the latest episode of 24 to Azureus’s Download queue. week without internet has been quite interesting, with some ups as well as some downs, i accidentally broke my P4 (2.4G)’s heatsink, that actually turned out to be a good thing, since apperantly it was bugged and making my processor overheat; thankfully, i had an old one lying around which did the job and fixed the heating problem. with that out of my way, i was finally able to play some games without getting the PC to crash or hang, i completed Call of Juarez, which is quite an unique title i must say, it has some stunning graphics alongside very solid voice acting and a great story, if you like FPSes, then you should most certainly give it a try. my Big sister also gave a surprise visit, sadly, she only stayed for 2 days, but those two days were quite fun:) now for the downs, yesterday, both my 6600GT and my Sound Blaster 5.1 card decided to call it a day, with my 6600GT having a loose heatsink (and problems with DVI) and my SB 5.1 card giving major stuttering problems, i removed both of them, and right now, i am using my Onboard ATI 9200SE (32MB) i am still audio-less though, since my Onboard Realtek Chip screwed me ages ago. i have sent the Sound card back, i hope to get a Replacement in 2-3 days, till then, i’d have to cope with a pc which can’t speak. if things go well, i will finally get a new pc next month, and hopefully, remove this Cursed piece of hardware from my room 😉
later. – Raj

Helping Indian geeks!

despite the lofty claims of Tech Corps in India claiming India is s software super power house and we have unlimited potential. it’s a plain shame, there isn’t a single decent Pc hardware Site in India, putting some blogs aside, sites like Techtree, Tech2 etc. only look good on paper, in reality, calling them Souped up crap would be a compliment (ah, yeah!), but my point isn’t to rant about those sites, that’s a topic better left for other day, Sourabh and me have launched a site Called *******, we’re one of those two rare specimens who actually give a crap about Tech State in india, and speaking from a first hand expierence, it’s incredibly annoying to get Prices on PC hardware available in India. the premise of ******* is simple; using WordPress, and some adjustments on CSS, we’ll regularly update the site with latest Pc hardware available in India (Prices coming from Trusted and reliable sources ofcourse) so instead of Googling your brains out, all you’d have to do is Visit the site, click on the respective category and get your Price. right now, even though the site is up and running, there’s no content available, reason for that, we’re working day and night to get everything up and running (making price lists, layout changes etc) if you want to help in the site in any way (comments, criticism, prices, news, info etc) just send me a mail, you’ll get adequate credits for it (the job is voluntary and for good cause!) i am both Excited and nervous about this. it’s the first time opening a real site and for once something that an Indian geek or computer could actually benefit from. i look forward to making the site what every PC user living in India dreams of….

Laters. – Raj

PS: This is to all the Indians Reading, Happy Holi! 😀